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 Offers Support for Gender variant Children Children and Teens

Trying to Cope with Gender Identity Issues 


In support of this aim, we also intend to:

bulletOffer support to parents, families, caregivers and others
bulletRaise awareness about gender issues amongst professionals (e.g. teachers, doctors, social services, etc.,) and the general public

We wish to offer

bulletWe will support individual young people, with or without support from their families, whether they are out or not
bulletWhere possible we will try, to help their families understand and accept their child's gender identity issue
bulletWe will also offer our help to family members, professionals and others who are concerned about a child or young person

Please, read through our pages to learn more about gender variance in young people - the problems, and the pain and suffering that often accompany them. Misunderstandings and misconceptions are one of the biggest problems that families with gender variant children face , and not being able to discuss freely with each other concerning the issues and feelings involved - we will try and address these particular issues, so please, read through as much as you can. Parents will hopefully gain and understanding of their children by  reading some of the personal stories, and perhaps young adults may gain an insight into their parents' feelings by reading some of the articles that at first glance appear to be aimed at the parents only.


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Last modified: 02/09/09